The Record Store Fairy's Clash!/レコ屋の妖精・クラッシュver. Uh, it’s been a while… How are you doing! I’m fine! My, what a mighty weather ’tis! My excuse is that I was busy moving back to Japan, but 6 months of no update? Really? Well, before you all start lynching me, let me tell you about the drawing atop! It’s something I did for a reggae DJ, who wanted a background image for a DJ clash event he’s doing on the Japanese youtube equivalent website Nico Nico Video! The reggae community is having a clash tonight, so check it out…though you might need an account to watch. It’s from 10PM.

I love drawing people, but I rarely create set characters. As in, I don’t give my characters any names, background information, etc. and they’re usually disposable, used once and never again. But this girl I’ve drawn is for the third time. She first appeared in the still incomplete green drawing below, where she’s riding a giant turntable robot. Originally, this was just a small above-waist picture for a friend, but I liked how she turned out and decided to make it into a large drawing. I still haven’t decided if she’s human sized and are surrounded by giant records or if the records are regular sized and she’s like a tiny fairy. Votes? I seem to always draw my girls badass and slender, so I decided to take a different turn here, more happy, laid-back and soft…around her uh…boobs.

I left this drawing for a while, but about 2 months ago, I had this sudden urge to draw a cute girl. And she was one of the few examples, so I decided to take her up again. This was the first time I was successful in coloring in this photoshop airbrush sort of style. The background 45s are all from my collection. Yes, I am proud, thank you very much for asking. However, my mom and sister complained, mainly about her titties being too large and her overall weight. Ugh, women, they have no idea about women. But the reggae DJ I mentioned above seemed to dig her and asked me if I could draw her for him to use in that DJ clash tonight. And that’s what I did! So once again, check it out if you’re interested! Enjoy good riddim.



そいでしばらく放置してたんですが、10月くらいに唐突にかわいい女のコが描きたい!切実に!という日があり、今まで描いた中で一番かわいい女のコやったこのキャラを再び登場さしました。デジ絵ぽい塗り方が初めてちゃんとできた絵なんで喜んでたんですが、そしたらまたですよ。『胸がでかい』ですよ。『太い』ですよ。太くないわ!これくらいがちょうどいいわ!ちなみに背景は全部自分のコレクションからです。←自慢 そしたらそれのせいか、このコのせいか、前述のスプラガさんに気に入っていただき、よかったらクラッシュ用の絵を描いてと頼まれちゃって!大喜びで描きましたよ!それが上の絵。というわけでこのコが登場するらしいクラッシュ、もしよかったら今夜のぞいて見てください。ニコ生のレゲエ合同コミュで22時からでございます。グッリディム。

The Record Store Fairy with Robot/レコ屋の妖精・ロボver. The record store fairy, walk on by/レコ屋の妖精・散歩ver.

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Ah shame on I, for I had forgotten about Sun Ra week on this blog. Sun Ra, keyboardist, leader of the astro jazz band Arkestra and bringer of love and freedom was a black jazz musician from Saturn. Or so he claimed. He was born on May 22nd, 1914 and died on May 30th, 1993, which is why I made a mix of one of my most favorite musicians and distributed on Twitter during the week of May 22nd to the 30th. I realized I had forgotten to put something up here, but why not do it now! Some people think Sun Ra’s music is weird, crazy, free, avant-Garde, bizzare. True. Why wouldn’t a musician who plays music themed of space and Saturn while dressed in ancient Egyptian looking garments be any of those things? But I feel many people only see that side of things and does not see how powerful, vivid and beautiful his music can be. That is why I have decided to create and distribute a mix. To spread the beauty of Sun Ra. And so here are the covers I made for it.


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English version coming soon!


Rasta Samurai - Pg.0 Continue reading

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Slow but Not All Quiet on My Front/絵描き戦線進展あり

New drawing, rifle girl sketch 2/新案ライフルおねえちゃん用ラフ2 (2011)Look at that! It’s lookin’ mighty fine!


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All Quiet on the Library Front/図書室戦線異状なし

New drawing, rifle girl sketch/新案ライフルおねえちゃん用ラフ (2011)

I rarely have trouble coming up with ideas for illustrations, but I do have trouble keeping up with them. I often get very excited when I get an idea and draw tons of sketches, write down some notes and finally after a while, I will start working on the actual drawing. But what often happens is that I come across some kind of obstacle whilst drawing, such as not being able to sketch something right or to get the color I want, and I end up leaving the work. And I think some of those ideas get completely lost in the waves of new ideas or just flow of time itself, but some of them actually manage to float up to the surfaces of those waves and make me go “Oh yeah! I remember this!” One example of such an idea would be the Spaghetti Western poster post I did.

This idea I have today is something that’s been lost for a while. I trace the original drawings of this to more than two years ago and it was one of the first big pieces I attempted to do with the Wacom tablet and Corel Painter. But I failed miserably as I still did not quite comprehend neither the methods of painting with the tablet nor the tricky characteristics of Corel Painter. But I suddenly remembered the idea last week and decided to draw characters based on the same concept. The concept of armed high schoolers. No, I don’t mean like United States school shooting tragedies, but more a fantastic setting in Japan, as gun control is far less of a problem there than it is in the US.

This is not a satire about youth violence or the ongoing horrors of child soldiers. I just thought the combination of sailor and gakuran uniforms would look awesome with guns and army gear. After all, both designs did originate from military uniforms. As my school did not have uniforms, I always had a thing for Japanese school uniforms, especially sailor and gakuran, probably because they are the most traditional Japanese school uniforms dating back to the early 20th Century. Remember, I love old school. So here’s the story: It is September and Ichiniwa High School’s school festival is less than a month away. But the school gets divided in two as the students are in a heated debate in what to perform at the festival. Frustrated with the unproductive negotiation process, the student council arms itself and marches to the principal’s office, forcing the principal to give them the authority to make decisions for the festival. But the opposing students are not happy. They too arm themselves with weapons in the PE storage room and form barricades in front of the library, where paperworks for the festival is kept. War is declared on the student council and its supporters. The principal says the side who has the paperworks at the end of the school day will have the ultimate decision. The time limit is 3:30PM. Who will win.

イラストのアイデア自体は案外色々浮かぶもんで、アイデア自体に困ることはそんなないんですが、なかなか消化しきれないというのが問題です。いいアイデアが浮かぶとそらもうテンションは上がるし、ラフやメモをガシガシ書いた上でやっと本題の絵に取りかかります。しかしいざ始めるとだいたいなんらかのテンションの下がる問題にぶち当たり、筆を置くことに。ラフがうまくいかないだとか、色がうまく出せないだとか、そういう問題です。なのでけっこうなアイデアが流れて忘れ去られるんですが、中にはしばらくしてから唐突に思い出されたりするものもあります。こないだのマカロニ・ウエスタン絵なんかがそうです。今日の絵のアイデアもかなり長いこと脳のシワの間に埋もれてたもので、多分2年以上前に遡る思います。初のペンタブとCorel Painterを買って間もない頃にCG塗りで大作を仕上げようと思いついたのですが、CG塗りのやり方もPainterの変なクセみたいなものへの対応もわからず、放棄したという。そして長いこと忘れ去られていたのですが、先日突然思い出しまして、同じコンセプトでキャラを描いてみようという気になりました。えー、武装高校生というコンセプトです。あのアメリカの銃乱射事件みたいな悲劇とかそういうのではなくて、もっとこう、温和な日本の高校生を武装させようという発想です。


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Behind “Black Apollo”/『黒いアポロ』の舞台裏

Though I mostly just draw whatever I feel like drawing, without thinking of any story or deep meaning behind it, I do like to think in detail about the machines and characters in my drawings. Even if those are things that do not even make it to the actual drawing. So here I present you the detailed settings for my last post, Black Apollo. I have details on the spacecrafts, which is pretty much my version of the Apollo spacecraft, but tried to make it cool in my own way. Since the drawing is in that movie poster style, I did think of a vague storyline. —It is 1971. The space program to land men on the moon is about to succeed. The spaceship Soul Man approaches the moon to drop equipment and probes for the upcoming landing mission. Approaching the right altitude, the commander pushes the equipment module release switch…but no response. In a frantic attempt to fix the problem, the crew do not realize their altitude is lowering. At last they realize, but the engine block too does not respond. Spaceship Soul Man crashes to the moon surface. They are alone, 400,000km from Earth. Now the lunar landing mission that was planned immediately after the return of Soul Man becomes a rescue mission. The spaceship Mother Popcorn with its landing ship Sex Machine heads for the moon, not to honor mankind, but to save human life…


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Black Apollo/黒いアポロ

Black Apollo in BlueI know everybody who reads my blog celebrated the international birthday of the one and only Mr. Dynamite of Soul, originator of funk, Jaaaames Brown on the 3rd of May. I of course did with the playing of all my twenty-eight JB 45s. This reminded me of an idea I had a while ago. Before I was a military nut or a music enthusiast, as a kid, I was a space nut. I loved the space capsules from the 1950s to the 1970s, both American and Soviet. But I started wondering in the recent years if the spacecrafts could have cooler call signs. Call signs are names given to spacecrafts to use in radio conversations, for example, the Apollo 11 had the call signs Columbia for the command ship and Eagle for the lunar lander. There were many other call signs, like Freedom 7, Odyssey, America, and all of them seem to be overused generic names with little power for inspiration. So I thought, what if call signs were taken from songs…like, Sex Machine, the great JB track. Movin’, doin’ it, y’ know. So instead of the typical “This is Columbia, over,” you get “This is Sex Machine, over.” How cool is that.

Thus I thought to make that idea into another movie poster style drawing. And since the call signs are going to be so damn soulful, why not make all the crews black. It would sort of be a space blaxploitation film. I think that would be an awesome crossover, but I have not yet come across a space themed or even sci-fi themed blaxploitation film. Was creating elaborate sets too expensive for a B-movie genre? Well, anyway, enjoy. Originally this was another pen-only doodle, using pigment markers and Sharpies, but I figured it may look cooler if I used ink and brush and so, this.



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